A scenic view in North Malaita. Photo credit: SIBC.

A scenic view in North Malaita. Photo credit: SIBC.

A ‘Healing the Land’ and Peace Conference held in North Malaita has ended with a number of resolutions – including forming a transformation cooperative team and a tribal association.

The conference brought together tribal elders, and women and youth representatives to identify land problems, and accept the process of healing the land, through peace agreements.

Held at the Mana’abu Community Training Centre last week, the conference also looked at transformational leadership and human security, in relation to land issues.

Principal of the Training Centre, Henry Tabusu told SIBC News the Conference ended with a number of resolutions, including seeking funds for the next conference, forming a tribal association and teams to raise awareness within tribes.

“We’ve asked the Malaita Police office to help support us financially to host our second Healing the Land Conference next month. The second thing we’ve recommended is for all tribal leaders of O’oroba, Bubuni and Ubera Saua have to do some work on their constitutions and try to register their tribal associations with the Charitable organisation of Solomon Islands.”

Another resolution was to form teams to raise awareness within tribes, and the Training Center Principal said fundamental rights will be the focus of these awareness raising programs.

“We’ve also recommended that the topics be carried out when they are conducting their awareness. One is Fundamental Human Rights, Respect for Diversity of Tradition, Cultures, Religious Values, Gender, Practices and Beliefs.”

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