Liquor ban. Photo credit:

Liquor ban. Photo credit:

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) will continue tomonitor the liquor ban currently imposed throughout the country as theMelanesian Spearhead Group summit continues today.

A statement from the RSIPF says gazetted last Friday, the liquor banhas been extended to the Guadalcanal plains, serving as areminder to all who are involved in the sale and consumption ofliquor.

The Liquor Act, (Cap.144) contrary to section 82 (1) states that no liquor shall be sold from any licenced retail premises including nightclubs or bottle shops, from Lambi to Aola Guadalcanal province till 28 June.

Police urge members of the public to cooperate in maintainingsecurity as the Pacific leaders meeting continues in Honiara.

The statement said police will continue to monitor the liquor banuntil the end of the MSG meetings.

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